The Guildhall Calls

Faversham Guildhall on 28th October 

We have been accepted to perform at the prestigious Guildhall in the ancient market town of Faversham in late October, 2023.

Faversham Fringe is a hot bed for new theatrical talent and it's only an hour & half  from King's Cross Rail Station, London. 

Why not invest in a warming cultural day out, before the winter chill sets in?

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Fringe Review classifies us generously 

From revered theatre critic, Donald Stewart

Following his enjoyable experience at our 'Love, Monty' show,   Mr Stewart awarded us the honour of his, 'Highly Recommended Show' banner. We are extremely humbled by his rare accolade and you can read his full review by clicking on the adjacent picture.

We've made vintage friends

'Love, Monty' has collaborated with the Jive Aces

During Monty's popular performance at Edfringe we combined energy with the Jive Aces and created a humourus video accolading the vintage eras.

For the full video click on the picture.

Read what Melissa Todd says

Top theatre critic Melissa Todd (pictured) attended our Love, Monty premier in London and wrote an article for Kent Online.
Here is her full appraisal.

Mark Brookes was living in Tenterden when he began writing letters to a romantic interest in Folkestone. “I suggested we write in character, to minimise our all too frequent arguments! I wrote as Monty Button-Purse; she…never replied! I was heartbroken. And desperately wanted to reimagine our story. So after a long afternoon at the Dickens museum in Broadstairs,  I sat on the Eastern Esplanade writing letters, which gradually shaped themselves into a script.”

Dickens was an obsessive letter-writer, of course, with more than 14000 of his epistles still in existence: he pursued many of his own romantic interests by pen, many of whom speedily succumbed to its charms. Mark’s play - Love, Monty - is set a little later, in 1922, but his letters contain all the eloquence, plot twists and emotion of any Dickens novel. I was lucky enough to catch a dress rehearsal before it headed up to play the Edinburgh fringe, and groaned, gasped and cheered throughout. It’s a truly magnificent piece: the writing sweeps you up and carries you along from the first word, ably assisted by the flawless, energetic performance given by Archie Bowen-Brookes, Mark’s son.

“Courtship hasn’t changed over the years. The urge to love and be loved is timeless” says Mark. “We still wait breathless for the ping of a notification, which may dash our dreams or bring untold joy! It’s just in1922 we had the walk to the post box to worry whether we’d been too bold.  Then the long lonely wait for the postman’s rattle….”
Love, Monty is set in London, in the roaring twenties, just after the Great War which functions as a silent character in this piece, shaping the futures and stories of those we meet. Bachelor Monty Button-Purse spies beautiful Gracie at a New Year Ball, but can’t find the courage to speak to her, choosing instead to woo her by letter.
“I’ve written other plays that are more vibrant, more modern, more… aggressive. This one I planned to showcase a different style. Trotting round the Dickens museum I began to hear a little voice in my head, and thought, this could become a character, then a story.”
“And then you gave it to your son to interpret! How did that work?”
“He’s been on stage since he was six years old, so I knew I could trust him with my words. but still, it was difficult! We read through it together, then I wanted to explain my intentions for each letter. But he wanted to learn the words first before hearing my take on them; then said, if I need any help, I’ll ask! He wanted to direct the piece himself. That rather crushed my ego. But I had to wrap that ego up, put it on the shelf, trust him as an actor to bring my words to life. OK son, you’re the professional actor, you’ve got the equity card, do with it what you will. And thank goodness, it worked. I was right to trust him!
“It’s superb hearing the audience laugh, but also hearing them gasp. It’s a proper rollercoaster. They feel for Monty on each stage of his journey. From the first word, they’re desperate for him to fulfil his ambitions, get the girl and the happy ending."
It’s almost impossible for an unknown play featuring an unknown actor to get any kind of audience at Edinburgh. I commend Mark’s bravery. “You have to give these things a try, don’t you? Archie was just finishing his training at the Bridge Theatre Training School, and needed a new project. You can’t sit back and wait for opportunities to present themselves. You have to force them into existence!” The five people who make up the show will be taking a motorhome up to Edinburgh to camp together for ten days, to save some cash during the notoriously expensive festival. Their play can be seen at The Vault on Paradise Green, 4-12 August, at 19.25 each day.

After the Edinburgh run it’s hoped the piece will be made into a film, and the story seen elsewhere.
Exactly as Monty ends each letter: “Forever subservient to optimism!”

It's tick tock on Monty's clock

Its getting closer. Don't be late.

We're in Edinburgh, rehearsed and ready to amuse. Grab your tickets while you can at:

Our performance is so more entertaining than TikTok

Our London Q&A

Feedback from our Dress Rehearsal before Edfringe

On Staturday 22nd July, Love Monty's dress rehearsal was performed to a London audience.

We had a wonderful time and the after-show conversation was frank, friendly and creatively supportive.

Here's a clip of Archie answering a question regarding Monty's character. Click on the picture to watch.

The Butler did it

Well, he did a radio interview with Gary Walker

Paul Davis is always in the background as a stalwart theatre companion and friend. He and Mark Brookes spoke with Gary walker, on his Saturday radio show, regarding 'Love, Monty', theatre life and a lot of shaggy dog stories.

To listen click on the picture.

Paul's a NODA Winner!

We are as overjoyed as Paul is; last month he won the Best Male Actor Award for his District, and was nominated for the Regional trophy.

Love Monty's dead-pan butler, played by Paul Davis, recently won this coverted award and is over the moon with such an accolade.

His success was achieved by playing Cooper in A Month of Sundays, by Bob Larbey. Directed by Zena Williams, he commanded centre stage for a staggering 1300 lines plus.

Well done, Paul!!!!

What a wonderful surprise!

The Fringe is all around us

After enjoying Archie's vibrant performance in Under Milk Wood, with The Bridge Theatre Training Company at London's Cockpit Threatre, Paul and I strolled back out into their foyer and spied this year's Edinburgh Fringe program. 

See what we discovered on page 283 in the next news story.

What's on page 283?

Months of creative planting begins to bear fruit

Written in Broardstairs in September, pitched in December, registered with EdFringe in January; putting on a show is a lengthy process, even for a thirty minute drama.

We are now seeing our hard toil blossom, and are hunger to taste our harvest. Literally speaking.

Pick up a copy to see page 283.

Or click on the photo to go to the EdFringe website.

Love Monty & Radio Harrow

We go under the spotlight with matinee King, Gary Walker

Actor Archie Bowen-Brookes and his Writer dad, Mark Brookes release exciting info about their upcoming Edinburgh Fringe show, amid music requests and quizzes. 

Our interview rocketed to #16 in the Mixcloud Global Literature Chart.

Click on the photo to listen to our broadcast!

Yes! We are Live on the Fringe!

We are now digitally connected and available. Click the pic!

After months of preparation, we are proud to announce that Love, Monty is live today on the Edinburgh Fringe website, and pre-show tickets are available.